Protect your assets properly



Thomas Bachheimer
Chief Economist GVS
President Gold Standard Institute


Christian Trinker
Expert high security storage
Key account management

Content from the webinar on May 22, 2024:

  •    Why this webinar is so important for you and your assets
  •    Historical significance of gold - Why the euro will remain historically insignificant
  •    The difference between gold and money
  •    The best investment in your life
  •    Precise roadmap for the future of your assets
  •    The gold commitment doesn't stop with the purchase,
    create the right connection to the gold with high security storage
  •    This is how inflation will continue to develop
  •    The end of the paper system and the consequences for banks
  •    Details about BRICS and Dubai, Singapore, Switzerland
  •    Effects of the asset register, how do I protect myself properly

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